Bouffie Cotton Warm Bunny slippers


How adorable and fluffy bunny slippers for your kids! What makes life more fun than lounging around the house in an adorable pair of plush cushy bunny slippers. This super cute bunny slipper is super soft and comfy to wear indoors. Its outer sole is made from flexible rubber which is perfect for kids. These bunny slippers are so adorable to see on your kid’s feet.


  • Outsole Material: EVA
  • Heel Shape: Flat Heels
  • Lining Material: Plush
  • Upper Material: Fur

Pink, White

Shoe Size

14cm/5.51 inch, 15cm/5.90inches, 5.90inches, 16cm/ 6.29 inches, 17cm/ 6.69 inches, 18cm/ 7.08 inches, 19cm/ 7.48 inches, 20cm/ 7.87 inches, 21cm/ 8.26 inches

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