Cinnabun Kawaii Rabbit Plush Toy


Hop to it! Cinnabun the kawaii white bunny plushie is ready to find its new best friend. This cuddly bunny is waiting for you to bring them home and give them a big carrot and cuddle. Featuring a white bunny with hige glimmering eyes, giant ears and carrot paws. Cinnabun is available in 4 sizes. Which size would you choose to melt your body into.

A gift like no other, Cinnabun is one-of-a-kind plishie that everyone will love. the soft and huggable texture makes them easy to love and their distinctive look will bring a smile any time of day.


1- Filled with 100% premium PP cotton

2- Helps with your sleeping position

3- promotes relaxation with its unbelievably soft material

3- Allergy-free and asthma friendly

Plushie Sizes:

Measurements may be off by 1-3cm due to the nature of how PP cotton expands and compress.


30cm, 40cm, 50cm, 80cm



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