Cute Eggshell Chick Lamp



  • The super cute combination of chicken and eggshell, the eggshell chicken has a round and hard. The eggshell, and the head of the Q bullet, can sway like a tumbler When, there is still a soft touch
  • [WARM AND WARM LIGHT,WARM HEART]:The eggshell chicken warm color version uses a 3000K color temperature LED light source,At 3300K color temperature, it is warm color light, which can give people warmth. Health, Comfortable, Feeling more sleepy
  • [HEALTHY SLEEP PATTERN]: Some time before going to bed.It is better to use warm color light, the lower the color temperature, the more the melanin can be maintained. The amount of secretion. There are also white light models to choose from 
  • [SLEEPING WITH SOFT LIGHT, WAITTING FOR YOU ALL NIGHT]: Eggshell chickens are very soft even in the darkest environment at low light level. And to accompany you to sleep at ease,low brightness can provide long 300 hours of battery life, enough to give you several days of waiting; but only it takes 4.5 hours to fully charge.
  • [SIMPLE OPERATION]: switch, bright and dark, just press the small head of the eggshell chicken. Press the switch to charge the eggshell chicken, long press to adjust the brightness of the eggshell chicken. It only takes about 4.5 hours to fully charge the battery. 

Cold Light, Warm Light

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