MooFleece Footwarmers


Introducing our MooFleece Footwarmers—a perfect fusion of comfort and whimsy crafted from a blend of luxurious cotton and polyester. Imagine slipping your feet into these heavenly soft footwarmers that evoke the warmth and coziness of a tranquil barn, with a touch of charming cow-inspired design.

Made from high-quality cotton and polyester, these footwarmers provide a plush, breathable, and velvety texture that cradles your feet in pure comfort. The cotton ensures a soft feel against your skin, while the polyester adds durability and a hint of stretch, allowing for a snug and flexible fit.

The MooFleece Footwarmers aren't just about exceptional materials; they're also a delightful style statement. Adorned with whimsical cow patterns, these footwarmers bring a touch of the countryside to your relaxation routine. Picture yourself lounging by the fireplace, sipping hot cocoa, and enjoying the soft embrace of these adorable and functional footwarmers.

Whether you're unwinding after a long day or adding a playful touch to your cozy moments, MooFleece Footwarmers are your go-to choice. Experience the joy of slipping into these charming footwarmers, and let the delightful blend of cotton and polyester surround your feet with warmth and style. Moo-velous comfort awaits!


Material: polyester and cotton
Size: The bottom length is about 16cm, and the cylinder length is about 11cm
Color: white, black
Pattern: cartoon cows, cows spotted
Style: cute
Features: soft plush, more warm
Quantity: 1/2 pair

Package includes
1/2 pair of socks


cow, spot, 2pairs-mixed

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