MooMint Brush ‘n’ Botanics Buddy


Introducing the “MooMint Brush ‘n’ Botanics Buddy” – a charming fusion of functionality and whimsy for your daily routine. This delightful Highland cow-themed toothbrush holder and planter combo brings a touch of the Scottish Highlands to your bathroom or vanity.

Crafted with care, the sturdy holder keeps your toothbrushes organized while adding a dash of countryside charm. The integrated planter invites a small botanical companion, turning your daily dental routine into a refreshing encounter with nature.

The playful design, inspired by the shaggy elegance of Highland cows, combines seamlessly with a fresh mint color palette, creating a stylish accent for any space. Embrace the quirky joy of the Highlands with this MooMint Brush ‘n’ Botanics Buddy – where dental care meets botanical flair in a delightful fusion of practicality and personality.


Yellow, Black

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